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So I recently bored the Malora ship and I asked a mate of mine who loves Malora(its her OTP) and she recommend your fic saying it was the best out there and after reading it I must say it truly is the best! The way you have Maleficent interacting with Aurora is so spot on, like when she was explaining to Aurora about being raped and wanting wings to get away was just beautifully done. I can't wait to read more of your amazing story :) Anonymous

Oh wow, oh my gosh. This is the sweetest. Thank you for saying such lovely things. There are several other stories out there that are way better than mine that I hope you check out if you haven’t already, such as plockd’s Serendipity and cocomingox’s Peccatum in Carne.
Again, thank you for your kind words. :)

I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong.


Have we got a treat for you, Fannibals! This Saturday before PaleyFest, our cast is gathering to answer YOUR questions here on Tumblr! The twist is they can only answer them in GIFs [happy cannibal noises]!

If you’ve got a question for Mads, Hugh, Caroline, Laurence or Bryan (we know you do) that can only be truly expressed through a GIF, ASK HERE and they may answer it on Saturday (around 6pm ET).

Let the games begin. *maniacal laughter*

It would be inappropriate to kidnap Caroline Saturday night and bring her back to the island, right? Probably.

But possibly not….


[SNEAK PEEK #1] GREY’S ANATOMY  11x05 - “Bend & Break”  

Ugh. I put this show on for background noise most of the time because I’m bored of what the writers are coming up with. But this clip has me a little excited to see Arizona standing up to Callie. Yes, Arizona is not perfect. Yes, she’s made some very stupid choices. But we almost always only get Callie’s version, thoughts, and feelings about things. And frankly, Callie comes off as a self-righteous and self-pitying bully most of the time. Maybe the writers have been doing this on purpose, because I relate to and care for Arizona way more than I care for Callie. Callie never stops talking, never stops interrupting, never stops shoving words in other people’s mouths. She tends to feel sorry for herself and rarely takes a moment to see things from a different perspective than her own. Sure, she is a passionate person and it’s clear she cares a lot, but it doesn’t make up for her dishing it out and then acting like a victim the rest of the time. I find her annoying, overused, and whiny, though she seems to see herself as a martyr - the one in the relationship who has given the most. I just hope this episode doesn’t reinforce Callie’s behavior these last several seasons. Perhaps they can write a few less lines for Ramirez and give Capshaw more than just silenced stares…

Hey I loved your little Malora update, it was so cute! Mal getting all scared and Aurora teasing her! merikiwi

Oh yeah? Yay!

So glad you liked it! It had me giggling a bit while writing it. Mostly I just like imagining Maleficent watching movies - I think she’d be so fun to watch while watching movies. Know what I mean?  ;-)


Clear your mind here

erzha replied to your post:Seven days, a girl’s voice hisses through the…

I don’t know what you mean! I was all about support and understanding of your work demands! I swear! … …. ….. But I’m so glad to see this post. And to see you can work this stories even in a hurry. But I do understand. Really :) Regards!

Oh I’m just teasing you! Haha. I appreciate the support and understanding! I’ve just been feeling guilty in general because I keep suppressing the urge to write. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Seven days, a girl’s voice hisses through the telephone line and Aurora looks down to where her hand is slowly turning blue.

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erzha replied to your post:Nonstop Walking Dead marathon on television while…

Those certanly have been so many tests! You have been grading them since last update on the Malora fic and yet, you are still at that. Well, good luck with them and resisting the walking dead marathon :)

I know, right?

Hahaha! Oh my! It must seem like I have hundreds of students! Just to clarify, the tests I’m grading now are entirely different from the tests and papers I was grading waaay back then. I’m a slow grader, but I’m not that slow. Too funny.  ;-)

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